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So Cute Good Morning Love Quotes For Her

So Cute Good Morning Love Quotes For Her

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Live life intensely, because their life is unique, do not you waste it. Live it up like an innocent child who does not look who, but what you feel. If you love somebody to love, stop, love of truth.

Always use your best smiles, every moment is unique.

But thanks to winds that blow in favor of love, here we are in the eye of a hurricane, a soul dance.

Like who plucks me laugh the soul, overflowing with shining eyes.

You who have been putting off important decisions that you know will make you a great good: Decide!

Stop procrastinating your achievements, your health, your happiness, your dreams, your happiness.

LIFE How many cycles! How often does the man have to reinvent? Yesterday, today, tomorrow … always? How often they need to rediscover? And how much magic there it!!! What a beauty!!! How much joy!!! To rediscover increasingly yourself!!!

find the perfect good morning love quotes for her to express the feeling of love

When you are sad, do not waste time crying, look at the starry sky is someone loving you, forget all existing barely lift his head and smiled see the world differently find him joy.

the bad thoughts should avoid. good thoughts must fight!!

WHAT alive today would have done yesterday, and forget a little “Yesterday”, and do not worry about the “Morning”, that’s the fun of the “Now”.

You and me! We know WHAT we do, but we do not know where to go, just you’re with me now, that no matter the destination, but rather the company.

Sweeping the longing to good music.

Lift the dust of happiness.

And smile cleaning the window of the soul.

Sera love the evolution of the world?!!! Michel Ribeiro

Who does not learn to choose becomes the slave of choosing another

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Do not give up your dreams and pops-than bury you in the past … God only writes a new story in our life when we have the courage to turn the page and to deliver blank to him.

Not CRY for losses, errors, frustrations, disappointments and etc.; ALEGRE by the acquired experience.

TIME is lost grieving for something that did not work, we can use it gladdening with the experiences gained.

“We will hold all our dreams, you and me. You trust me, and I in you, we will be happy together, no matter the time, date or place. Just you are at my side, and everything will be perfect”

Learn! Beauty is not only in appearance. Treat everyone like one!

Enjoy the sunny days. An hour the rain comes and starts a new party

The worst kind of person that there is one that uses their pains, frustrations and grievances to disrupt another’s joy.

The main material of psychotherapy is always this existential pain.

Look for this pain as if looking from the outside, is the beginning of change.

It is the first step of the way towards the relief and joy of being. ”

Let pride, vanity aside. All you have, everyone can have; now it is, only you can run for you. And believe me, I set goals, have faith and do happen … realize your dreams and goals.

” I learned that we need to love yourself first and seek happiness first within us ….

always tried it and do it, but too late, I realized that one of the reasons for my joy and happiness, broke …

They stole one of my smiles … ”

If one day we think we are worth nothing, just remember that we have within us the breath of God that gives us life.

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